Stash It for December 2010

Hello Grade Nines

Here is what you will need for the Stash It Hand In. Due first day back.

Chapter Three
Three point approach (Words for the unit explained and examples given)

The large "Exponent Laws Sheet" foldable. In it should be the laws and how to use them.

Self Check

P.O.W. # 1, 3 and 4

Test and Corrections

Chapter Four
Definitions for: Scale factor, scale, enlargement, reduction, proportion, polygon, corresponding sides, corresponding angles, similar and congruent.

In a foldable: show an enlargement, show a reduction, show how to find a missing side for a similar triangle, show how to find a missing side for a similar polygon. Demonstrate how to use a scale and find a scale factor.

Self Check

P.O.W. #1 and 4.

Test and Corrections
For everyone reading this over the holidays I hope you are relaxing and chillin' and are ready to rock and roll when we come back. Miss you all. Happy Holidays!