Work to be handed in for Unit 5

Dear students,

For unit five I would like you to submit an electronic Stash-it. In it you will have all the words from the unit described and illustrated. Give "not" examples if it applies. For instance showing that x and x squared are not like terms.

As well I would like you to hand in your work for the Kayak for Rent Challenge problem from page 204 in your textbook,electronically.

The last thing I want you to do is give examples for the Outcomes for Chapter 5 to show you can do the work, from your self assessment. Also tell the colour you are for that outcome.Example:

5.1 I can use mathematical terminology to describe polynomials:green x monomial, -2x + 5, binomial, 3x + 7y - 4, trinomial, 2a - 3b - 5c -7 polynomial, etc.

I would like this work submitted to me at no later than Friday January 21, 2011. As usual if you have any questions see me.