October 28th The Day "Data" Came to Visit

Hello you fellow star travellers here is the homework for each class.

9-05 See "Nicky Scribe Post" and do only SYK on top of page 57. Journal looking for reaction to the "game" and how you decide which fraction is closer without the use of a calculator.

9-06 Practise #4 or 5, #8 or 9, #10 or #11 or 12, 15, & 17
Apply #18 or 19, 20, 22, 23, 24, 26 and Extend #29 or 30, Journal

Answers to 2.1

BLM 2–5 Section 2.1 Extra Practice
1. a) 17, –3.606, b) –0.2, 9.12(12 repeats) , 0/0 , -13/4
2. a) –9 b) c) 17.6 d) -6.12 (12 repeats) e) –401
f) 7 5/7
3. A -1/3 B -2.1 C -0.3 D 7/4 E -0.49 (9 repeats) F 2 1/5
4. -3/4,-0.6 (6 repeats), –0.6,1 1/2, 1.7
5. 1.9,11/6,1.3 (3 repeats), –0.5,-2/3
6. b), c)
7. a), b)
8. a) 1/2 b) 7/8 c) -4/7 d) -1/10 e) -2 3/4 f)-1/11
9. a) i) 0.25, 0.5 ii) Example: 0.4
b) i) –0.4, –0.6 ii) Example: –0.5
c) i) –0.1, –0.125 ii) Example: –0.11
d) i) -0.6 (6 repeats), -0.83 (3 repeats) ii) Example: –0.7
e) i) –1.75, –1.8 ii) Example: –1.76
f) i) –1.95, –2.0 ii) Example; –1.96
10. a) i) 8/10 , 9/10 ii) Example: 85/100 = 17/20
b) i) -65/100 , -66/100 ii) Example: -655/1000
c) i) -9/10 ,-10/10 ii) Example: -95/100 = -19/20
11. a) 7/-14 = -1/2 b) -75/100 = -3/4
c) -4 4/10 = -4 2/5
12. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0, –1, –2, –3, –4

If you have any questions be sure to ask in class tomorrow. Happy homework.

9-05 and 9-06 Homework

Wow what a crazy day for Mr. B! I think there were 40 adults that came through our math class today and that doesn't count the student teachers or for 9-06 Mrs. W. I'm very proud of the way you all handled so many teachers coming through the room during your classes. You all did a splendid job of staying focused and doing what you needed to do.

Here is your homework for the weekend:
9-06 All of 2.1 Extra Practise sheets and the Workbook pages for section 2.1, Journal
9-05 Your homework is CYU #1, 2, 3 Practise #4 or 5, #8 or 9, #10 or #11 or 12, 15, & 17
Apply #18 or 19, 20, 22, 23, 24, 26 and Extend #29 or 30, Journal

Just remember you get a long weekend but Mr. B. is off teaching teachers about math tomorrow. Thank you to all the students who gave me your "Stash Its" to show to other teachers. I chose only a few of you although I could have chosen many more from the class. Thank you again to all for making teaching so much fun!!

9-05 another challenge to you... Joseph posted a video about rationals. I would like someone in class or many of you to improve upon the Video. Who is up for the challenge? See me so we can discuss it. There are some mistakes in the video! Can you spot them?

Unit 2 Problems

Two Problems

1. A chessboard is a large square and is made up of 64 small squares. Consider only the first three rows of the chessboard.

a) Find the diagonals of all squares and rectangles possible in the first three rows. Arrange the squares and rectangles, from least to greatest, by length of their diagonals.

b) Consider the entire chessboard. When would you expect the squares or rectangles to give whole number diagonals?

2. A gold bar has a mass of 1 and 1/3 kg. You wish to cut off exactly 1/2 kg. What fraction of the bar should you cut off? Explain.

Problem 1 will require good organization, be conscientious in your work. Write the answers in your Journal to start and then later I will ask you to post.

Major Assignment Due Monday

Hello again 9-06 and 9-05. Hope your weekend is going well. On Monday I will be collecting your Stash It packages. In the packages you will need to have the following materials. please make sure to have as much of it as possible in the package.
1. 3 Mathlinks from pages 15, 25, 35 and the major Mathlink from page 39. (10%)
2. Journal. Entries from everyday(3%) and one highlited Journal entry to show your best learning day (2%).
3. Self Evaluations (Traffic Light Sheets) completed. (2%)
4. Foldables completed... (2%)
5. Two tests signed by mom, dad or whomever takes care of you. (1%)
Total 20% of first section mark.

Our next unit of study will be Rational Numbers. If you are interested you may look at chapter two to see what we are going to study. www.mytextbook.ca

If anyone is interested please let me know where the term "Rational Numbers" came from and post a blog.

PS. Make sure you tell your friends in class to head to this site.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hello 9-06 and 9-05, I hope your weekend is going well. I have assigned work for you in class that you need to be working on over the weekend. I will list the work here later. I am still waiting to see ho will expand on the Babylonians. There are other questions I have asked that you should consider answering. It will help with one of our next units of study.

The work you need to complete for me by Tuesday is online in the student text. For those of you who do not have access I certainly hope you have a book from me.

CYU page 31 #1-3
Practice page 32 and 33 #5, 6, 7, and 9
Apply page34 #13 to 19
Extend one of 20 or 21 and one of 22 and 23 (For those who wish to challenge themselves and learn more)
Question # 11 I would like you all to blog on this question and let's see how big the list becomes....

Have a great weekend looking forward to discussing your work with you on Tuesday.

So...How do I Find Surface Area of a Cube? Rectangular Prism? Cylinder? Composite?

Hello 9-06 and 9-05, who can help me out? I'm trying to find the most elegant algebaric expression to help me to find the surface area of a cube, rectangular prism, cylinder, or a composite of any of these shapes. What about the surface area of a triangular prism? How does symmetry help us solve some of these surface area problems? What happens if a part of any of these shapes is missing? How do I find surface area then? Help me out and post what you know over the next few days. Maybe someone can make a movie to explain the process?? Looking forward to some fantastic posts.

By the way 9-05 http://spmath90509.blogspot.com/ your explanations for, "Why 360 degrees?" really rock!! Keep up the great posts. Our place value is ones (1), tens (10), hundreds (100), thousands (1000) etc. Did anyone find out what 60 looks like in the Babylonian number system? What would be the next place value and what does it look like? or the next? Is there an easy way to write these numbers using our number system?