Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hello 9-06 and 9-05, I hope your weekend is going well. I have assigned work for you in class that you need to be working on over the weekend. I will list the work here later. I am still waiting to see ho will expand on the Babylonians. There are other questions I have asked that you should consider answering. It will help with one of our next units of study.

The work you need to complete for me by Tuesday is online in the student text. For those of you who do not have access I certainly hope you have a book from me.

CYU page 31 #1-3
Practice page 32 and 33 #5, 6, 7, and 9
Apply page34 #13 to 19
Extend one of 20 or 21 and one of 22 and 23 (For those who wish to challenge themselves and learn more)
Question # 11 I would like you all to blog on this question and let's see how big the list becomes....

Have a great weekend looking forward to discussing your work with you on Tuesday.


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