9-05 and 9-06 Homework

Wow what a crazy day for Mr. B! I think there were 40 adults that came through our math class today and that doesn't count the student teachers or for 9-06 Mrs. W. I'm very proud of the way you all handled so many teachers coming through the room during your classes. You all did a splendid job of staying focused and doing what you needed to do.

Here is your homework for the weekend:
9-06 All of 2.1 Extra Practise sheets and the Workbook pages for section 2.1, Journal
9-05 Your homework is CYU #1, 2, 3 Practise #4 or 5, #8 or 9, #10 or #11 or 12, 15, & 17
Apply #18 or 19, 20, 22, 23, 24, 26 and Extend #29 or 30, Journal

Just remember you get a long weekend but Mr. B. is off teaching teachers about math tomorrow. Thank you to all the students who gave me your "Stash Its" to show to other teachers. I chose only a few of you although I could have chosen many more from the class. Thank you again to all for making teaching so much fun!!

9-05 another challenge to you... Joseph posted a video about rationals. I would like someone in class or many of you to improve upon the Video. Who is up for the challenge? See me so we can discuss it. There are some mistakes in the video! Can you spot them?


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