Chapter 3 Stash It 2011

Hello again my lovelies. Here is your chapter 3 stash it assignment. You will need to use your 11 x 17 yellow papers to show all of the exponent laws. Make sure you have all of the following laws: product law, quotient law, power of a power law, power of a product, power of a quotient law, power of zero law, power of one law, base of one law.
For each law show an algebraic expression describing the law, write the "rule" for the law and show an example of the law. Include a word problem if applicable. (10 marks)

Your self assessment will show that you can do all the work that is not included in the "rules" sheet. They will include things like: I can evaluate powers that include or do not include parantheses; I can identify the error in a simplification of an expression (from the textbook); I can use the order of operations on expressions with powers; I can apply the laws of exponents; I can determine the sum of powers; i can determine the difference of two powers; I can identify the error in applying the order of operations in an incorrect solution; I can solve problems taht require combining powers; and I can use powers to solve problems that involve repeated multiplication. (5 marks)

Also include in the stash it your journal that is up to date. In your journal highlite a best journal entry. Tell me why you think it is a best journal entry. (4 marks)

Include also tests: Unit Two Final Test, Unit Three Final Test make sure they are signed by a parent.(1 marks)

This Stash It is due on December 12.