Have You Travelled the World Lately?

Hello 9-05 and 9-06. I hope you are all busy getting ready for the test next week. I have just completed two copies of the test as you will be writing on seperate days.

For 9-06 your homework is to complete all Apply and Extend questions for Monday pages 60-62 I believe. You also need to check 9-05 blog to see how they have completed the work if you are having difficulty.

For 9-05, first spend some time on Feedjit and see all the places you have travelled since you have started blogging. It is truly amazing the corners of the world you have touched. Enjoy the trip.

Then, Blog post your question. Complete all Apply and Extend and if you are having a hard time give me a shout. I am also in the building tomorrow if you need help.

I also want you to try to complete the workbook section 2.2 and Extra practice 2.2. I will post answers to extra practice tomorrow or Saturday. (This is extra practice and I will not check to see if you have completed the work. Unless you fail the test.)


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