Chapter 1 Reflection

Reflect on Chapter 1 learning outcomes.
Look at page 6, 11; 16, 20; 26 and 31 Focus On and Key Ideas
Tell what learning you did for each section using explanations, diagrams, procedures, meaning of concepts and any relationships you have found.
Explain what things were new to you and how you have grown as a math learner.
What is still bothering you about the unit? In other words, what things did you have difficulty with or are still "fuzzy" about? How do you plan on getting the answers you need?
Explain a concept you are understand and are proud of in this unit.
Explain a concept you had to problem solve and reason about.
Explain how this unit connected to real life for you.
Think about you as a learner… what work did you need to spend more time on? What work is still incomplete? Have you lived up to the goal you set for yourself in your last journal entry to me?
If you have set a goal, do you need to change it? If so do so now. Or recommit yourself to your goal.
If you haven’t set a goal, do so now.


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