Major Assignment Due Monday

Hello again 9-06 and 9-05. Hope your weekend is going well. On Monday I will be collecting your Stash It packages. In the packages you will need to have the following materials. please make sure to have as much of it as possible in the package.
1. 3 Mathlinks from pages 15, 25, 35 and the major Mathlink from page 39. (10%)
2. Journal. Entries from everyday(3%) and one highlited Journal entry to show your best learning day (2%).
3. Self Evaluations (Traffic Light Sheets) completed. (2%)
4. Foldables completed... (2%)
5. Two tests signed by mom, dad or whomever takes care of you. (1%)
Total 20% of first section mark.

Our next unit of study will be Rational Numbers. If you are interested you may look at chapter two to see what we are going to study.

If anyone is interested please let me know where the term "Rational Numbers" came from and post a blog.

PS. Make sure you tell your friends in class to head to this site.


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